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The Treasures By Clare Bevan

Today is bit different. While we are closed I am at home with my two boys, Albie 7 and Harry 12 and we are homeschooling! I am learning so much, lol. Both my boys attended Apple Trees and in fact Apple Trees exists because I needed childcare for Harry when I returned to work after maternity leave. You can read about that here!

Home Schooling

One of Albie’s home schooling tasks was to read the poem ‘The Treasures’ by Clare Bevan. He had to find a member of the family, me, and we had to read the parts of the poem together and record the audio. Which we did. It was actually really fun and we both enjoyed doing funny voices and making funny sounds. I wanted to share it with you but it was just audio. So I drew some picture to go with it to make it a bit more interesting!

It may be a bit old for our children but we thought we would share it anyway and we hope you like it!

Are we sitting nicely and quietly? Then we will begin……

Extension Ideas

Why don’t you talk about all the different animals that were in the poem. You could talk about the different weather you see. What does it feel like in those different weathers? What colours can you see? Can you howl like a wolf? Can you make noises like a storm?

Most importantly have fun!

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