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Our Bug Hotel!

Last month we were learning about bugs and mini beasts. Its been a fantastic topic and we have carried out so many fun activities. To coincide with our new garden being created we have made our very own bug hotel. We can’t wait to meet all the bugs that come to stay! Below is the activity that we followed and we thought that we would include some of the areas this activity links to within the EYFS.

This activity was carried out by our Snail and Ladybird rooms with the help of some construction from our caretaker! As you can see from the pictures below it was fun, we learned lots and the end result is fantastic!

Activity Title: Bug hotel Activity Type: Out and About
Activity Description:
Have fun with the children constructing a bug hotel to attract bugs, the children can have fun and enjoyment at seeing which bugs are staying in the bug hotel. The children can have fun collecting different natural materials on a walk such as straw, twigs, leaves, stones, brick, pine cones, barks etc you will also need tubs and tubes to build the hotel. When you are building the hotel ask the children for their ideas and thoughts. Once built find a few bugs with the children to place in the hotel.
Natural materials, straw, twigs, leaves, stones, bricks, bark, pine cones, plants etc, tubs and tubes.
Area of Learning: Aspect: Early Years Outcome:
CL Understanding (40 Months – 60 Months) – Listens and responds to ideas expressed by others in conversation or discussion.
EAD Exploring and using media and materials (30 Months – 50 Months) – Beginning to be interested in and describe the texture of things.
EAD Exploring and using media and materials (30 Months – 50 Months) – Uses various construction materials.
EAD Exploring and using media and materials (30 Months – 50 Months) – Joins construction pieces together to build and balance.
UTW The World (22 Months – 36 Months) – Notices detailed features of objects in their environment.
UTW The World (30 Months – 50 Months) – Comments and asks questions about aspects of their familiar world such as the place where they live or the natural world
UTW The World (30 Months – 50 Months) – Can talk about some of the things they have observed such as plants, animals, natural and found objects.
UTW The World (30 Months – 50 Months) – Shows care and concern for living things and the environment

Well done everyone, it looks fantastic and I am sure all your hard work will be very much appreciated by all the bugs!