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Fruit Smoothies

Both my boys love fruit smoothies and we often make them! Not only are they very good for you and help you get your 5 a day but you can also learn lots from making a fruit smoothie. You can adapt this activity to any age group. We often do this activity at Apple Trees and our Butterfly room (toddlers) and Ladybird room (preschoolers) particularly love it!

Fruit Smoothy Activity

You will need:

A variety of soft fruits – whatever is available and reasonably priced!
Fruit juice/milk
A blender
A prompt board (this could be created using symbols or hand drawn) – important to have numbers on there and also ideally the fruit types. The prompt board is not essential but children with additional needs and younger children will find it very helpful. We have a couple that you can download below if you wish to.


This is primarily a counting activity, and the intention is to ascertain whether a child has a good grasp of quantity and matching to numerals. Ask the child what they would like in their smoothie. If necessary they can use their prompt board to support – ‘I want grapes’. How many grapes do you want in your smoothie? Use the prompt board to help them to decide. At this point the child needs to count the corresponding quantity from the tub/bowl and add them to the blender. You can adapt this based on the age of your child. A preschool child will be able to count or count with you. A smaller child may watch as you count.

Repeat this with each fruit that the child would like to add. Carefully add some fruit juice/milk to loosen. Blend the mixture and enjoy! Have discussions with your child about healthy eating and why fruit is good for you! Talk about the colours of the fruit and what it tastes like.


This could be more of a choosing/communication activity if your child is not ready for counting. If you are lucky enough to have a switch box, then this could also be a great cause and effect activity turning the blender on and off to make the smoothie, maybe with an older sibling helping with the counting.


Once the smoothie has been made, talk about whether it was a good mix or not? What would we change next time? Can we write out a recipe card for your smoothie? What are we going to call it? Next time, try doing some simple addition and subtraction with the fruit. ‘I have 7 blueberries, you have 3, how many have we got altogether?’

We hope that you have enjoyed making smoothies! If you did why not show us a picture of your smoothie by posting a picture on our facebook page!

Number Flash Cards-1

Download Your Number Flash Cards Here!

Download Your Fruit Flash Cards Here!