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Graduation Day – Class of 2017!

Dear Parents,

Graduation day is always emotional but maybe today more than most. With heavy hearts we waved farewell to 25 children as they embark on a new learning adventure at big school. Lots of the children that left us today have been with us since they were a baby. We have built relationships with you, their parents, and consider you as friends. Although we felt sad inside, we couldn’t help but feel proud and honoured too. Proud of all the achievements every child has made in their time at Apple Trees and honoured to have been part of these special little people’s journey.

As I write this blog I do so both as one of your child’s care team but also as a parent to one of the graduates. Today my youngest, Albie, graduated from Apple Trees. He is so excited to be going to school in September and I am very proud of him but also very emotional that my baby is all grown up. For the first time since we opened Apple Trees I will not have a child that attends and thats quite sad.

As Emma mentioned in her fabulous speech, we have had a super year at Apple Trees. We have covered many different topics that have created hours of fun and laughter. We held our first Christmas show, we were visited by a bright, shiny fire engine, wiggles reptiles and Ark Farm. We travelled to the garden centre to learn all about growing things. We celebrated a host of multicultural events such as Easter, Diwali, Thanks Giving, Holi, Christmas and Chinese New Year. We created so many displays that we could have decorated Buckingham Palace from top to bottom. We extended our outdoor classroom, improved our mud kitchen and created a new garden. We made friends. We enjoyed singing and dancing and we loved story time.

Graduation day has been a fabulous way to wish all of the children well for their next chapter of learning. Seeing their little faces as they were called up to receive their certificates, pictures and books was heart warming. They were all so proud of themselves, bless them. I am sure you were all very proud too and so you should be. Without exception these 25 children are amazing little people. They are a credit to you all and we are so thankful that you entrusted us with their care.

We know that every child will enjoy big school and are so ready for a new challenge. We know that we have prepared them for what’s to come and that they are going to settle into their new surroundings well. We wish them all a very happy school life and we hope you will keep in touch and let us know how they are going.

It’s hard to find the right words to express our thanks to you all for your support over the years. But we are truly grateful. Not just because you have recommended us to friends and helped us grow the setting but because without supportive parents its hard to carry out so many different activities. I am sure that sometimes after a long day at work, just as you sit down, your email pings and its Apple Trees requesting newspapers or yogurt pots. Or we may be asking if you can bring in pictures of your holiday or fill out a family tree. Lets not forget all the questionnaires that we badger you to complete!

But you always come through. You help us to help your child enjoy their time at Apple Trees and for that we want to thank you.

My final thanks are to our amazing team of staff. It’s not a job they do, it’s a vocation. They work so tirelessly in a very hard but very rewarding role. They love your children as their own while they are with them and come up with amazing activities to inspire them. Apple Trees consider ourselves very lucky to have them!

All that is left to say is Happy Graduation Day Apple Trees Class of 2017. May all your future dreams come true. We will miss you so much and can’t wait to hear all about your new adventures.

From all of the Apple Trees Team, especially Jessica, Emma, Daniel, Sarah, Jessie & Lisa, good luck and goodbye. We wish you a fabulous summer holidays!

But for those of you returning to after school club…… don’t get rid of us that easily!! Hahaha.

Until next time,






PS  We hope you liked the cake!!