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NEW Mud Kitchen

NEW to the setting is our Mud Kitchen. What’s a mud kitchen I hear you ask? Well it’s just as it suggests. A mud kitchen is designed as an outdoor kitchen but the children use mud, leaves, twigs and foliage to make their pies and creations. It’s fantastically messy fun for all! All of our Caterpillar’s, Butterfly’s, Snails and Ladybird’s have access to the mud kitchen so everyone gets to enjoy the fun!

Ofsted Says: “The mud kitchen allows the children the freedom to play, explore and learn to their full potential. It is really important that children are encouraged to feel the different textures of materials with their fingers, transfer liquids from one container to another, to splash, slop, stir and whizz. We encourage the children to create sticky mud and explore its adaptations.

Children express their creativity, enhance their fine motor skills and practice literacy, science and maths while using the mud centre. The mud is an art medium that children mold and decorate in unique, creative ways. They have many opportunities to practice emergent science and math skills, such as making before-and-after comparisons; investigating solids, solvents, and solutions; examining components of various soils; exploring changes due to freezing and melting; measuring; investigating volume; practicing one-to-one correspondence; investigating questions; solving problems; and testing hypotheses.

On foraging trips they learn the names of plants, trees, and seeds. Because foraging trips are frequent occurrences and continue through several seasons, children observe the changes in the foliage. The mud kitchen encourages the development of positive dispositions: independence, cooperation, communication, curiosity, and responsibility. Children learn to work cooperatively in small groups, complete tasks, develop independence, enhance communication and social skills, and experience pride in completed creations.”

So there you go, Mud really is quite glorious. So next time Peppa Pig jumps in muddy puddles, you will look at it in a whole new light!

If you would like to see the mud kitchen for yourself please contact us. Call Jessica on 01582 840586 to arrange a viewing or email