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Nursery Rhymes

Today is music time!! Eve is here to sing some nursery rhymes with you! Eve works between our Butterfly and Ladybird room so most of the children know her. She is often signing with them and they love taking art. We hope you will take part today too!! Why not find some musical instruments and don’t forget to try the actions!! Have fun!!

Although we can’t be together while we are on lockdown we still wanted to sing with you. Are you ready? Then we will begin……

Are You Looking For A Nursery Or Preschool?

If you are looking for a nursery of preschool for your child then look no further. Due to the coronavirus lockdown we can’t invite you to view the setting at the moment but our register is still open for September and you can now take advantage of the following:

  • No registration fee – saving £125.00
  • No deposit.
  • No contracts – until after a successful viewing.
  • No risk!!

Why not click here to register your interest and we will send you our new up to date brochure! You can also have a look around our website and facebook page to get a feel of what we have to offer! You can also email

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