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Our Animal Encounter

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog, apologies for my absence. It’s certainly not because we have nothing to blog about as Apple Trees has been a hive of activity since we started back in January and not just our animal encounter. It’s purely been a time factor but I have now managed to squeeze a few extra minutes out of the day and here I am!

It’s wonderful that for my first blog of the year I can share the delightful morning we had yesterday when we welcomed Urban Safari to visit and carry out an animal encounter. This month our topic is animals and although we have conducted a very wide variety of enjoyable activities linked to the topic, nothing beats getting close and personal with some animals the children may not have seen before.

animal encounter 2

We booked Urban Safari to come along and do just that. With them they bought Monty the snake, Alexander the meerkat, Whisper the Owl, Aussie the possum, Molly the skunk and Puff the bearded dragon. It’s an understatement to say that the children were delighted by the whole experience. It was lovely to see all the smiles on the children’s faces and the oooohs and arrrrrs, they really enjoyed the animal encounter.

animal encounter 1

We learned lots of interesting facts about the animals such as their habitat, where they came from, what they eat and how old they live to. All of the children were able to stoke the animals and some brave little ones held them too. But not Monty the snake as he was far too heavy at over 5 stone and 13 feet long. He actually weighed more than the children! But as you can see from the pictures Jessica and Daniel both volunteered to hold him and the children were very amused by this, giving them a round of applause at the end.

animal encounter 3

It is always my intention to make sure that the children at Apple Trees get a learning experience full of variety and opportunity, whether they are a Caterpillar, Snail or Ladybird. Nothing makes me happier than standing back and watching an activity such as this. Seeing the children getting so much out of it and enjoying themselves while learning at the same time is very rewarding.

Our team of practitioners are always working alongside the management of our setting to ensure that we think of great ideas to inspire the children and encourage their development in every area as they grow and thrive. We guarantee that we are never complacent and aspire to introduce new things at every opportunity.

We very much hope that the children came home and shared their day with you.

Until next time,