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Paper Mâché!

Today was the first day of the summer holidays…….and it rained…….lots!!! Apple Trees is open all year around apart from 2 weeks at Christmas so its business as usual for the Summer holidays and a hive of activity. Today was all about paper mâché!

Now that the end of term has passed, the transition reports are completed and delivered to local schools, the graduation ceremony has taken place and the tracking is complete we can turn our attention to Scarecrow Festival! Which means one thing, the mammoth paper mâché session to create the scarecrow heads.

In the words of our visitors last year, the event was ‘fantastic’, ‘epic’ and ‘awesome’. This year we are going to do our best to beat it and even though there are so many jobs to do we know it will all come together in the end.

With the bodies of our scarecrows almost all finished we turned our attentions to the heads today. I always take a very active role in the scarecrow festival event and am the main organiser of our display. This allows the staff to do the job they do best, looking after the children! Every year while mixing the paper mâché I think to myself; ‘its not that bad.’ But by the end of it I know why I only do this once a year!

Emma and Daniel allowed me to set up the paper mâché table in the corner of Ladybird room and the children couldn’t wait to come and help. We giggled and we made quite a mess but at the end of the day we had 12 lovely heads for our scarecrows.

Yes twelve, there are going to be 12 scarecrows, well we told you we were going for it this year! We hope to finally make it into the top 10, so if you are around on 11th, 12th or 13th August do swing by to have a look at the wondrous display, themed on children’s television through the ages, and give us your vote!!

If you would like to see what’s going to be happening at Apple Trees Child Care over scarecrow festival weekend please click here. Why not have a read about last years event to see just what we get up to. We really do go to some lengths to ensure a fantastic family experience and a million smiles whilst raising vital funds for the events chosen charities.

We are now well on our way to possibly our best display yet, keep watching our blog for more updates as they happen.

Until next time,