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Pumpkin Picking

This morning we went on a trip, we went pumpkin picking at the Pop Up Farm on the A5 just beside the Harvester. Our Ladybirds and Snails were very excited and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as you can see by the pictures below.

We Are Here!

As we travelled up the driveway to the car park the children could see the huge field full of pumpkins. A chorus of ‘we’re here’ was shouted by the children in excitement. We were greeted by two lovely ladies who gave all the children a pumpkin picking sticker and pointed us in the direction of a photo area, a refreshment stand and a maze. There were also lots of wheel barrows for us to use to collect our pumpkins in.

Lets Go Pumpkin Picking

After we had found our way to the centre of the little maze and selected our wheel barrows we were off. We entered the pumpkin picking field with some very eager children full of enthusiasm to find the biggest pumpkin they could.

We wandered around the field looking at all the different shapes and sizes as well as the different colours. The farmer told us that there were 17 different varieties of pumpkin, wow!

Our Harvest

After having a good look around we decided on some different shapes, sizes and colours. We wanted to select a good variety that we could use in activities over half term. We are excited to see what the children create using our harvest and will post some pictures soon.

In summery the pop up farm is a fabulous place for children to learn about farming and in particular pumpkins. The staff are so friendly and are always on hand to help and offer interesting facts. The children are able to run and explore as its very safe and the whole experience of pumpkin picking was not only fun but exciting too. We would thoroughly recommend it if you have children.

Do ask the children about their morning when they get home!

Until next time,