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Safety First

How Safe Is Your Child Care Provider?

000000-00000000000Apple Trees Child Care believes the safety of our children is paramount and it is NEVER compromised. This is something that every child care provider will probably tell you. However it’s all well and good to say the right thing but actions speak much louder than words. When we say it at Apple Trees we mean it. We have invested heavily to make our setting is as safe and secure as possible and hold regular intensive risk assessments to ensure that everything is in good repair and safe.

We have two designated safeguarding officers within the setting as well as insisting that all staff members attend safeguarding and first aid courses. We have a very in-depth policy pack including our safeguarding policy, one that is in far greater detail than is necessary to satisfy OFSTED requirements, but we feel it is an area we want to go above and beyond in. You can download our policy pack here.

We have also implemented many safety features within our setting that include:

·     16 CCTV cameras located around the setting covering all areas.

·     Double locking gates to each of our 2 gardens.

·     Secure gated driveway that’s touch sensitive at an adult’s height.

·     Industrial fire alarm system.

·     Stair gates on every internal access point in the building.

·     Socket guards, protective corner guards, doorguards etc in all rooms.

.     Adequate equipment including high chairs, full size cots & changing tables.

·     Under floor heating, so no chance of burns.

·     Higher staff ratio than recommended to make sure the children are never left alone, EVER.

·     All staff hold a full CRB disclosure.

When you leave your child at Apple Trees they are completely safe and in a loving, caring environment. You are trusting us to care for your child as if they were our own, and we owe it to you to make sure we are equipped physically and mentally to do the job correctly. Safety within a nursery/preschool setting is all about keeping your child safe while allowing them to explore and test their own limits. We acknowledge that you can’t wrap your child in cotton wool, but you can make sure that they are learning in a safe environment. To find our more please contact us, email