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Scarecrow Festival 2017

Scarecrow Festival 2017 is over and I’m not sure what to do with myself. You see for the last 3 months at Apple Trees we have lived and breathed scarecrow festival. I’ve contemplated the theme a million times, I’ve worried we won’t be ready in time, I’ve fretted about the weather and I’ve even dreamt about it. My reasons for worrying so much are that I wanted it to be a fabulous event, enjoyed by all. An event to be proud of, one that bought smiles and laughter. I had a vision and nothing short of that vision would do!

So now that it’s over and it’s time to reflect, I couldn’t be happier. Throughout the whole weekend it was so busy. So many people strolled down the road to see our scarecrows and enjoy the familiar, friendly atmosphere. The smiles were infectious and helped by our jolly staff, who couldn’t do more to make our visitors feel welcome. I am so proud to have such a wonderful team of people around me who help make all my ‘bright ideas’ a reality!

A week before scarecrow festival we started to erect the tents and attempt the backdrop for our display. Which doesn’t sound too hard but then the heavens opened and did it rain. In fact we had a months rainfall in a day and had to question if it was August or in fact a November day in disguise. It was so cold that at one point I went to find some gloves to warm my hands up. Feeling a little deflated and unmotivated my spirits were raised when a little person from Apple Trees, who was leaving for home with their parents, correctly identified that my mural was the platform of a train station…….with a new found enthusiasm I worked through until I had finished the brickwork and called it a day at 7.30pm.

There are not enough words to describe my joy at drawing back the bedroom curtains the next day to reveal a blue sky and the sun!!! We were back on course and determined to put on a good show.

Over the following few days we used a lot of ink and even more laminating pouches. We got through quite a bit of wood and a fair amount of paint. We made a huge mess but at the end we had a fabulous display that each and every one of us were proud of.

Our theme was ‘Children’s Television Through The Ages’. My vision was that families of multiple generations would wander around the festival and when they arrived at Apple Trees they would reminisce about their favourite shows as a child. We covered the decades with our display and it worked a treat. Standing back and listening to families doing just what we had planned was a satisfying feeling and one that made me smile greatly.

We had 2 displays. The first was a platform at a train station where a selection of children’s characters were waiting to board Thomas The Tank Engine. The second was the Flinstone’s in their car. The car was made by my Dad, Eddie, who excelled himself. It really was a masterpiece and people were wowed by it.

The displays must have been ok as we finally made it into the top 10, something we had hoped to achieve but never managed before. We would like to thank everyone that voted for our scarecrows. We really appreciate it.

With the displays ready it was time to set up all our other features. We had a selection of family fun arranged including tombola, bouncy castle, face painting, pig racing, raffle, hook a duck and lolly pop picking. We also had a family friendly café serving hot and cold food. We hoped to raise some money for the charities the scarecrow festival is in aid of and we were not disappointed. We are so grateful for all your support.

Finally as a childcare setting we take great pleasure in seeing children happy and smiling. So we decided to have a few mascots around the place to bring a bit of joy. Chase, Marshall, Ben and Holly certainly did that. There were so many children excited to see the characters and they just kept coming, so much so that our mascots refused their breaks to ensure they saw every child. It was incredibly hot inside those costumes and it was also a very hot day so we can’t thank them enough for their efforts.


As mentioned above, Scarecrow Festival is over and it is time to reflect. As I do I smile to myself that we managed to put on such a successful event. One that made people happy, saw people enjoying themselves, brought joy to the children and put Apple Trees on the map once again. Viewings were carried out all over the weekend and as a result we have waiting lists operating in 2 rooms now. It’s just been fantastic.

I would like to thank all my staff and helpers over the weekend, all the parents that donated raffle and tombolo prizes and sold raffle tickets and all those of you that came and saw us at the weekend. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We look forward to seeing you at Apple Trees again soon,

Until next time,