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Stain Glass Windows

Its a very testing time at the moment with the children off school and nursery. Trying to home school and keep the kids busy while working from home is a mission in itself but when you can’t get out and about to amuse them or purchase supplies it can be even more tricky.

In 10 years Apple Trees has only been closed for 2 days before the coronavirus pandemic and we are missing the children desperately. But we are keeping in touch via our facebook page , which I am keeping very active. We have been posting lots of activity ideas but I thought that I would take this opportunity to get the blog going again. So here I am.

Today’s activity is stain glass windows. I would usually use tissue paper for these but I do not have any in my craft box so Albie and I improvised. Albie, 7,  is my youngest son and after finishing home schooling for the day he joined in this activity. He thoroughly enjoyed it but all ages can take part. We challenge our Caterpillar room (babies), Butterfly room (toddlers) and Ladybird rom (preschoolers) to have a go and post their pictures on tapestry! If you don’t attend Apple Trees, so what, you can have a go to and if you want to share your pictures you can post them on our facebook post!

You will need: Paint, masking tape/sellotape, scissors, paint brushes or sponges and some paper.

Step 1 – Take your sheet of paper and place your masking tape across the paper in all directions. As you go you may make shapes so you can discuss these with your child.

Step 2 – using your paint cover the whole sheet of paper. The more colours the better and make sure you go right up to and in fact over the tape.

Step 3 – let your picture dry – we put it outside on the patio today as it was so sunny.

Step 4 – Once the paint is dry, peel off all of the masking tape. Be careful not to rip your picture.

Step 5 – Stand back and admire your beautiful picture resembling a stain glass window!


Why not try different thickness tape and making different shaped windows. Don’t forget to talk about the different colours you are using too!

Have fun!

Until next time,