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VE Day Activities

The weekend of May 8th – 10th is the weekend to commemorate and celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, marking the end of the war in Europe. VE Day represents an end to nearly six years of a war that had cost the lives of millions; had destroyed homes, families, and cities; and had brought huge suffering to many. We had planned a good old British tea party at Apple Trees to celebrate but sadly due to the coronavirus we have had to cancel those plans.

VE Day Celebrations

There would have been thousands of huge events to celebrate the end of the second world war if it not for the coronavirus pandemic. But unfortunately most are now cancelled as we abide by social distancing measures in the lockdown. However, we can still mark this very important occasion.

Dacorum Borough Council wants us to mark this very important occasion by joining them in raising a glass from our doorsteps to commemorate Victory in Europe on Friday, May 8, at 3pm. There will be a VE plane with a huge banner flying over our borough at that time so do look out for it!


Why not plan you very own celebration at home by decorating your house with some of these posters that you can colour. You can also make your own bunting using these flags or better still design your own! If you click on the pictures you can download and print the resources and get decorating! Visit the special VE Day website for many more ideas!






Maybe Lockdown Isn’t So Bad

When you consider what families had to endure during the second world war perhaps staying at home to protect the NHS is not so bad. Yes its sometimes challenging and there is a huge financial impact for many, but at least we are safe at home and spending time with our immediate family. The best thing to do is keep busy so why not carry out some of the activities above and show your appreciation for the war heroes that gave us the freedom we enjoy today!

For more activity ideas have a scroll through our facebook page.

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