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Vegetable Patch

Our vegetable patch was installed 3 years ago now and it’s been perfect for supplying the kitchen as well as learning the children new skills. We have developed quite a few green fingers within Apple Trees and have some budding gardeners!

The vegetable patch teaches many things, not just the planting and watering. The children learn about vegetables and fruits and it encourages them to eat healthily. It’s also great for the children to watch everything grow. The children take part in the whole process from start to finish. First in selecting the vegetables we will grow, then the planting, the watering, right through to the harvesting.

You would be surprised at how the children will eat their own home grown vegetables with such enthusiasm when on other occasions they seem uninterested! Lettuce has never been so popular.

Over the last few years we have grown runner beans, potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, beetroot, lettuce, radishes, carrots, onions and the list goes on. All of our produce is used in our kitchen to prepare healthy home cooked meals.

The vegetable patch is available to the Ladybird’s, Butterfly’s and Caterpillar’s so all the children get to benefit and take part in the learning and fun. If you would like to see our facilities for yourself please contact us to arrange a viewing.