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Welcome To Our New Blog!

It’s a very exciting time at Apple Trees at the moment. We are just in the middle or our annual self evaluation and have a number of improvements being made around the setting. With this in mind we have also turned our attentions to our website and have decided that it would be such a shame for us not to have a blog as so much goes on here that we would love to share.

To kick of the blog we thought we would have a bit of fun and asked the staff and some of the children the same question to see what different answers they came up with. The question is:

If you could have anyone in the world (past or present) round for dinner who would it be?

The answers are as follows:

Richard    Marilyn peppa Channing  Lion

The Apple Trees Team

Sam – Richard Branson

Lauren – Princess Diana

Jessica – Thierry Henry

Emma – Mickael Jackson

Daniel – George Michael

Sarah – Brian McFadden

Jessie – Rhianna

Kirstie – Marilyn Monroe

Sue – Michael Buble

Katy – Usher

Charlotte & Hayley – Tom Hardy

Hollie – Beyonce

Tilly – Zac Efron

Layla – Russell Brand

Kat –Channing Tatum

Steph – Gary Barlow

Usher  Queen  sam Beyonce  Tom

Snail Room

Mia (2 Years)– Mummy

Thea (2 Years) – Mini Mouse

Harriet (2 Years) – Moana

Millie (2 Years) – Peppa Pig

Ladybird Room

Harry – (3 Years) – Fireman Sam

Abigail (3 Years) – Princess Elsa

Huxley (3 Years) – The Queen

Charlotte – (4 Years) – Elsa

Albie – (4 Years) – Mickey Mouse

Kate – (4 Years) – A Lion

Isobel – (3 Years) – Poppy from Trolls

Ella – (3 Years) – Ben & Holly

Jacob – (4 Years) – Chase

Max –  (3 Years) – Marshall

There seems to be a theme with some of our staff, haha. You have to admit that if we held a big dinner party it would be a very interesting event with Tom Hardy discussing bedtime stories with Usher, Princess Diana and the Queen having a catch up, Michael Jackson and Beyonce chatting about music and Richard Branson in business discussions with Peppa pig and Fireman Sam! We just hope the Lion sticks to the menu and doesn’t start on the guests!!

Why not ask the same question to your little ones and feel free to comment their answers below as we would love to hear who they would invite.

Until next time bye for now!